Experienced Integrative Counselling

If you are feeling low, anxious, lack confidence, or struggle with another trauma-related issue, I am here to provide a friendly professional helping hand. As an experienced integrative counsellor in Redruth, Cornwall, and online, my role is to create the private, confidential space you need to talk through your issues freely, without fear of judgement. Remember that no issue is too small or trivial. If you want to talk something through, get in touch with me and we will set up an initial session.

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What to Expect

The way we work is adapted to you. Our first session will be all about understanding your particular situation, what you hope to get out of counselling, and determining a therapeutic plan that addresses your specific needs. This could include a number of different methods, many of which have helped me in the past, such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Gestalt therapy, emotional acceptance, mindfulness, intrusive thought therapy, among others.

Areas of Focus


I specialise in all aspects of depression (clinical, bipolar, etc.) and offer different forms of help for this issue. With many clients, I use solution-focused therapy for depression, which involves focusing on a specific issue at hand and changing how you feel about it in the here and now, working on building an understanding that it’s not the event that shapes us but rather our behaviour towards the event.

We can also go down a more psychoanalytical route if that is more appropriate.


Anxiety comes in many different forms, such as Generalised Anxiety Disorder, OCD, panic attacks, phobias, social anxiety, and so on. The way I work with you, therefore, will be strongly dictated by the kind of anxiety you are experiencing. As someone who both specialises in anxiety and has also experienced it first hand, I understand that it comes from stress that we hold in our body, ultimately leading to overthinking and catastrophising. Our goal will be to pinpoint the source of this stress, understand the way you process it, and develop healthier ways of coping with moments of discomfort.


Trauma – whether it originates in childhood or is an ongoing trauma (domestic abuse, PTSD, etc.) – leads to a certain way of perceiving yourself, other people, and the wider world. It prevents people from experiencing a full range of emotions, shows up in how we think and behave, and leads to challenging emotions and maladaptive behaviours. By engaging closely with this trauma, talking it through in a way that suits your specific situation, we will build a clearer picture of its role in your life and develop tools for managing its effects as you go forward in life.

Adolescent Issues Counselling

Young people face many unique challenges on their journey from childhood to adulthood, such as stress, anxiety, panic attacks, bullying, family issues, low self-esteem, body dysphoria, eating disorders, or friendship/relationship issues. I have extensive experience in working with young people above the age of 12 to talk through these issues in a supportive, confidential environment where they are free to speak honestly about their feelings.

Other Areas I Work With




Affairs and betrayals

Anger management

Antisocial personality disorder

Attachment disorder

Avoidant personality disorder

Behaviour problems

Bipolar disorder

Borderline personality disorder


Career counselling

Carer support

Childhood bullying

Dependent personality disorder

Domestic violence

Eating disorders (Bulimia nervosa, Anorexia nervosa)

Emotional abuse

Family issues

Feeling sad


Hearing voices


Learning difficulties

Low self-confidence

Passive aggressive behaviour

Personality disorders


Physical abuse

Postnatal depression



Relationship problems

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD)



Relationship problems

Separation and divorce



Suicidal thoughts

Tourette's syndrome

Work-related stress

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